WHAT ARE DEFCOM 1 SANCTIONS


                                                                         DEFCOM 1 SANCTIONS



A war against North Korea would be a disaster leading to the deaths of upwards of a million and untold catastrophic damage.


The USA can destroy North Korea by imposing Defcom 1 sanctions cutting off  North Korea by land, sea and air from the world espically China.


The Defcom 1sanctions against North Korea listed below must be obeyed by ALL nations. Those countries: China, Russia, Iran and ALL OTHER COUNTRIES that do not obey ALL these sanctions then the totality of ALL these sanctions will apply IMMEDIATELY to them.




1. All flights between North Korea and all countries will immediately cease. All countries will close their borders to ALL North Koreans and trade including rail, ship and automobiles. If any country refused to ban North Korean planes from landing, cut off all rail, sea and highway access and ALL TRADE then the TOTALITY OF ALL THESE SANCTIONS WILL APPLY TO THEM.


2. All North Korean citizens will immediately have to return home to North Korea. The 100,000 North Koreans who are working on the FIFA 2018 stadium will be IMMEDIATELY returned to North Korea.


This will include North Korea ’s UN delegations etc. North Koreans will be barred from entering any country in the world. Any country that refused to obey this sanction then their citizens will be barred from all countries of the world as well as forced to return to their home country and the totality of all these sanctions will apply to their country.


3. Seizure of ALL North Korean Government funds/investments/assets by ALL nations to be transferred to Federal Reserve to be held in escrow until a democratic North Korea emerges.


No country can accept any funds including gold or any other commodities from North Korea.


4. North Korea and its ruling elites money must be seized by ALL banks. If a country refuses then the totality of all these sanctions will be applied against them.


5. Cut off of all internet, telecommunications, satellite links to North Korea. Any country that refuses and their country will be cutoff plus all sanctions listed here will apply to them.


6. North Korea will be cut off from ALL energy supplies and cannot export coal or any other commodity to any country. This includes China. North Korea will be cut off from selling its coal  to China.


If China refused then all trade will cease between the USA, all other countries and China. The Chinese will be cut off totally from the world banking system. All Chinese commercial aircraft will not be allowed to fly to ANY country etc. etc. In short, the TOTALITY of ALL these sanctions will apply to China.


7. All Iranians must immediately vacate North Korea. All communications must cease between Iran and North Korea otherwise ALL these Defcom 1 sanctions will apply to Iran – A devastating disaster.




8. This includes all banks worldwide who will immediately cease all contacts with North Korea. ALL contacts epically the SWIFT transfer system, letters of credit, loans, bonds etc. Any country that refuses and the totality of these sanctions will apply to them. This means that their country will be totally cut off from the world banking system as well as ALL provisions of these other sanctions listed here.


9. All trade FROM North Korea including military to all other countries will immediately cease. Any country that refuses and the totality of these sanctions will apply to them. This means that their country will be totally cut off from the world trading system. Any country that refused to cut off and stop trading in goods coming FROM North Korea with a country that had refused to obey these trade sanctions and the totally of these sanctions will apply to them.


 These sanctions will totally isolate and destroy North Korea’s economy


A true economic disaster.


                                                                  RECIPROCAL SANCTIONS


If China retaliates against the USA for any of these sanctions that the Chinese refuse to obey then ALL these Chinese sanctions against the US would apply IMMEDIATELY to ALL other nations. For example, if China bans all US wheat/beef etc  then every other country can no longer export wheat/beef etc to China otherwise the totality of ALL the Defcom 1 sanctions would apply to their countries.


Defcom 1 sanctions will force North Korea to denuclearize.   These sanctions will make it impossible for the regime to pay its soldiers and elites. This will lead to a mass revolution.