APPOINT 3 SPECIAL  COUNSELS 

                                          HILLARY, MUELLER, ROSENSTEIN ARE GUILITY OF TREASON


President Trump must appoint 3 Special Counsels. There can be no doubt that Mueller will bring impeachment against the President in September.


The President needs to pre-empt Mueller by fast tracking the crimes committed by Hillary Clinton, Mueller and Rosenstein,


One Special Counsel will handle the Uranium 1 Crimes when Mueller allowed Hillary to sell 20% of the US Uranium supply for $150,000,000.00


Mueller had a secret FBI agent embedded with the Russians involved in the Uranium 1 transaction and yet did nothing to stop the sale.  All Mueller needed to do was threaten to resign and no sale would have occurred.


The second Special Counsel would handle the Hillary Email scandal.


The Third Special Counsel would investigate the FICA COURT Steel dossier that was utilized to begin the criminal Mueller phony Collusion investigation.


Both Mueller and Rosenstein committed crimes.  Repeating Hillary, Mueller and Rosenstein are guility of treason.


These 3 Special Counsels would fast track these criminal investigations and bring charges against all 3 by October just in time for these mid term elections.