Reciprocal Sanctions

                                                        Defcom 1 Sanctions

                           Peace Plan: Let the Eastern Ukraine People Decide


                                     YOU ARE NOT US. WE ARE NOT YOU


Putin is a rat trapped in his own cage. Unfortunately, he has trapped the people of Crimea, Donbas and Ukraine with him.


Putin’s invasion of Crimea and the Donbas has nothing to do with Natio or the EU. The fall of Viktor Yanukovych was a great danger to Putin and his mafia cronies. Putin is Yanukovych on  corruption steroids. He has stolen personally from the mouths of the Russian people between 40 billion to 70 billion Euros and allowed his mafia to ransack the Russian treasury for between 500 billion to 1 trillion Euros.  Read 'Putin's Kleptocracy' by Karen Dawisha.


Yanukovych could flee to Russia to avoid prosecution for his crimes. Putin has nowhere to run. If he falls, jail in Siberia will be his fate.


                                                             PEACE PLAN


There can be no doubt that Putin wants to create from Kharkiv to the Transdnieper his“Novorossiya”. All this talk that he really doesn’t want the Donbas is not true. He desperately wants Mariupol and Odessa.


You need to give the rat a way to escape from his cage.   


                              LET THE PEOPLE OF THE EASTERN OBLASTS DECIDE

President Poroshenko  will immediately call for a referendum throughout ALL the Eastern oblasts under the auspices of the OSCE with only one question:

Do you want to remain a part of Ukraine or do you want to separate and join the Russian Federation?

This referendum would be held within 6 weeks. The results are final. In this way, the people of Eastern Ukraine decide their own future – which is their democratic right.


1. Ukrainian Government guarantees no membership in Nato EVER. The neutrality of Ukraine would be enshrined in the new constitution that could only be changed if 90% of the Eastern Oblasts approved the change(s).

2. Agrees to the establishment of  a land bridge between Russia and Crimea allowing goods and services only to be transported from Russia to Crimea and vice versa. NO MILITARY GOODS. You do this for the Crimean people who are enduring economic hardship right now.

3. To win this referendum,  the Ukrainian government would be wise to declare Ukraine  a bilingual country with both Ukrainian and Russian which will have equality of status and equal rights and privileges as to their use in all institutions of Government at ALL levels. Any citizen must be able to obtain ALL government services in either language ANYWHERE in the country. This includes court proceedings. Kiev would grant elections of all oblast governors and tax powers to the Oblasts similar to Scotland and Quebec.

4. The EU offers to create with the Eurasian trade zone - a free trade zone from the Atlantic to the Pacific. This EU/Eurasian trade zone would then join the NAFTA trade zone creating a free trade association consisting of about 1.3 billion peoples. This massive free trade zone could then be expanded to include South American creating a 2.3 billion membership the total population of China and India.

You offer this for the future of the Russian people

Further Russia Must: guarantee without equivocation the energy security of the Ukraine and Europe.

All sanctions against the EU/Ukraine/Georgia/Moldova/Baltic’s end immediately and can never be re imposed. No sanctions to ever be imposed on the Eastern /Western Ukraine.

5. Ukraine can join the EU.

6. Russia agrees to stop all military activity against Nato and all other countries. There could be no more surprise mobizations of troops in Western Russia. All military equipment and soldiers would be restored to pre Crimea invasion levels.

7. Ukraine allows Russia access to its defense industries in the east.

8. Ukraine guarantees water and power to Crimea.

If this is done and Russia accepts the referundun results and immediately withdraws its forces and seals the Ukraine border then  EU and US immediately end ALL sanctions


If Russia does not agree or plays Putin’s games of deception then immediately impose:






All Russian Retaliatory sanctions against the EU/USA /Ukraine  would immediately apply to all nations – China, Turkey, Brazil, etc who would be barred from exporting any of the Russian sanctioned food items etc to Russia or entering into any agreements to circumvent the EU/USA sanctions.   


This means that if Russia cuts off oil to Ukraine/EU then China would have to refuse and shut off ALL pipelines going into China otherwise ALL the EU/USA sanctions would apply to China.


For example:


With Reciprocal sanctions food bans and all other sanctions epically oil and gas imposed by Russia on the EU/Ukraine/USA would apply to ALL countries including ChinaTurkey, Brazil, South America etc. This means these and ALL other countries could not export ANY of these Russian sanctioned food or any other items to Russia. This includes any other sanctions imposed by Russia.


Any country such as Norway and Switzerland (shame on them) who signed agreements with Rosneft to circumvent the oil exploration sanctions of the EU/USA – ALL of these sanctions would IMMEDIATELY apply to these 2 countries, China which has also signed oil/gas agreements, ETC.


If Putin does not back off then impose within days:


                                                   DEFCON 1 SANCTIONS


These EU/US sanctions against Russia listed below must be obeyed by ALL nations. Those countries that do not obey ALL these sanctions then the totality of ALL these sanctions would apply to them.




1. All flights between Russia and all countries would immediately cease. All countries would close their borders to ALL Russians including rail, ship and automobiles. If any country refused to ban Russian planes from landing, cut off all rail, sea and highway access then the TOTALITY OF ALL THESE SANCTIONS WOULD APPLY TO THEM.


2. All Russian citizens would immediately have to return home to Russia.


This would include hockey players, sports stars, Russia ’s UN and Security Council delegations etc. Russians would be barred from entering any country in the world. Any country that refused to obey this sanction and their citizens will be barred from all countries of the world as well as forced to return to their home country and the totality of all these sanctions would apply to their country.


3. Seizure of ALL Russian Government funds/investments/assets by ALL nations to be transferred to Federal Reserve and then given to Ukraine.


No country can accept rubles or gold from Russia.


4. Oligarch’s money must be seized by ALL banks. If a country refuses then the totality of all these sanctions will be applied against them. This would include Putin.


5. Cutoff of all internet, telecommunications, satellite links to Russia. Any country that refuses and their country will be cutoff plus all sanctions listed here would apply to them.


6. All countries receiving energy from Russia  must pay for these energy supplies into a trust account and not directly to Russia . Payments from this trust account to Gazprom etc would be for verified expenses only. If Russia cuts off energy supplies to USA /Ukraine/any EU country then ALL other countries must reduce their imports of Russian energy by the same amount including a total embargo. This includes China. Russia would be cut off from selling its gas to China – a DEATH BLOW TO RUSSIA.


If China refused then all trade would cease between the USA, all other countries and China. The Chinese would be cut off totally from the world banking system. All Chinese commercial aircraft would not be allowed to fly to ANY country etc. etc. In short, the TOTALITY of ALL these sanctions would apply to China .


Needless to say an outraged China will send immediately a delegation to Moscow to read Putin the riot act. If Russia continued to refuse to totally withdraw from the Ukraine then the accumulated funds in this trust account would be confiscated.




7. All banks worldwide would cease all contacts with Russia. This includes ALL contacts epically the SWIFT transfer system, letters of credit, loans, bonds etc. Any country that refuses and the totality of these sanctions would apply to them. This means that their country would be totally cut off from the world banking system as well as ALL provisions of these other sanctions listed here.


8. All trade FROM (excluding gas) Russia to all other countries would immediately cease. Any country that refuses and the totality of these sanctions would apply to them. This means that their country would be totally cut off from the world trading system. Any country that refused to cut off and stop trading in goods coming FROM Russia with a country that had refused to obey these trade sanctions and the totally of these sanctions would apply to them. All these Russian companies would be forced to layoff thousands of workers.


9. If Russia cuts off trade with any country shipping goods into Russia then all other countries including China would have to stop ALL its goods being traded into Russia.


10. All contacts with Western oil companies would cease and apply to ALL other oil companies including China. The construction of ALL oil pipelines from Russia to China would cease. All Chinese money for ANY Russian oil projects would cease. ETC  ETC. This would paralyze the recent 30 year pipeline project just signed between Russia and China.


11. All Russian companies would be delisted from all world’s stock exchanges. These sanctions would totally isolate and destroy Russia’s economy



A true economic disaster.