THE TRUMP DOCTRINE

                                                       LET THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DECIDE

The only one telling the truth about the situation in Syria is Donald. His opponents are declaring that he is a trigger happy manic.  Donald’s response will be historic. 




“I Donald Trump declare before the American people tonight that I will never commit US forces into combat or declare war WITHOUT THE APPROVAL OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE unless we are attacked or our allies with whom we have treaty obligations are attacked or an enemy is moving forces for a strike against the US/Allies.   No more can a President do an Iraq or a Libya WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE” 


Donald should declare with regards to Syria  that the US has no friends in Syria except the Kurds.  Not only that but many of the Sunnis in Iraq and Syria support ISIS. Indeed many Muslims worldwide support ISIS. If an Arab Sunni army was sent against ISIS which is Sunni most of them would defect.


It is IMPORTANT to understand that Saudi Arabia is not our friend but a moral enemy of the US. Saudi Arabia is ISIS with a country and seat in the UN. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ISIS AND SAUDI ARABIA.


The only reason that Saudi Arabia and other Arab states will never put their army into Syria to fight ISIS is because the army will defect to ISIS. There is massive support in the Arab countries for ISIS.



                                               LET THE PEOPLE OD EASTERN OBLASTS DECIDE 


In the Ukraine, Donald would Declare: LET THE PEOPLE OF THE EASTERN OBLASTS DECIDE.


Putin is a criminal, thug, who has murdered hundreds of Russians and stolen upwards of 70 billion Euros making him the richest person in the world. His cronies have stolen 500 billion to 1 trillion Euros. The overthrow of Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych who stole billions was a direct threat to Putin.  If Yanukovych could be over thrown by the people then Putin could be next.  Therefore he invaded the Crimea and the Donetsk/Luhansk Oblasts of Ukraine under the guise of protecting Russian speakers from the fascists in Kiev. Putin fabricated a war that has killed 10,000 and displaced 2 million while totally destroying these 2 Oblasts.  THIS IS CRIMINAL.


Donald would call for a referendum in ALL the Eastern Oblasts supervised and run by the OSCE with only one question.  “Do you want to separate from the Ukraine and join the Russian Federation?” It is 100 % certain that the Crimeans will vote yes, maybe the Donetsk/Luhansk Oblasts but ALL the other Oblasts will vote a resounding no EXPOSING THE FRAUD that Putin is the great liberator of the Russian speakers. This referendum destroys Putin. If he refuses to recognize the results Donald would impose Reciprocal and Defcom 1 sanctions. If Putin accepts the results and withdraws his forces then ALL sanctions would end.


The greatest right that emerged from WW2 was that Borders cannot be changed by force. Both China and Russia has violated this fundamental law that threatens to undermine world peace and security.  In the case of China the above would also apply. Withdraw from the East and South China Seas and enter into negotiations with your neighbors or the US will apply Reciprocal and Defcom 1 sanctions and deny visas to your UN delegations leaving China's UN seat EMPTY.