WAR FOR CHRISTIANS


The War For Women and the War For Christians are essential to the liberation of 57 Islamic countries.  All non Muslims have the right to complete equality and the Right To Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness in ALL 57 Muslim countries.


One Christian every 5 minutes is being killed in Muslim countries. Donald - you must protect these people from this carnage. The mass murder and slaughter of Christians must end.  THIS DECLARATION WILL BRING MASSIVE SUPPORT FROM THE EVANGELICALS. 


Not only this but NO Nuclear deal with Iran until ALL Christians are freed from prison, the equality of women, non Muslims is enshrined in their constitution and most important - implemented.  Again if this is not done then no visas to the Iranian UN delegations and ALL the other 56 Islamic countries.


Donít do this and you will start to face punitive economic sanctions. This is the 21st Century not the 7th century. 


Repeating this fundamental truth:


The liberation of Muslim women is the civil rights issue of our time. 


Liberation of Christians is the moral issue of our time.