EVOLUTION OF MORALITY


Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness - from these timeless, immortal words sprung the Evolution of Morality that Morality was not the product of time but was in itself timeless, culminating in the concepts of equality before the law, evolution of Democracy and Freedom thru amendments to the Constitution, the abolishment of Slavery and Equality of Women with men.   





The Enlightened Modern West has created the Greatest Civilization humanity is yet to know. 


It is rightfully stated that the greatest generation was the generation that fought the Second World War. As citizen soldiers, they came from the farms, towns, villages, cities aged 17, 18, 19 to sacrifice their lives to save our civilization from the threat of Nazi/Fascist racial dictatorships.  Furthermore, after that great victory, these patriots were immediately plunged into defending the freedom of Western Civilization from the totalitarian ideology of Communism.


At that time, 3 great leaders emerged to save the West and mankind from the Abyss of Evil: Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan.  All these great men knew that being engaged in a life and death struggle with evil you can never compromise, accommodate or appease evil. You can never have a conversation with evil. Any appeasement of evil and you become part of the evil you give evil RESPECTABILITY.  You place evil on an equal status. You make the evil normal.


Appeasement only leads to more appeasement and more appeasement and finally a life and death struggle.


Both FDR and Churchill never met with Hitler. Their message was simple; Total unconditional surrender.


When Ronald Reagan declared that the Soviet Union was an evil empire that there was no moral equivalence between the United States and the Soviet Union YOU ARE NOT US.  WE ARE NOT YOU - he was vilified but Reagan destroyed the Soviet Union.  We - their descendents have been called upon to defend Western Civilization against another evil:  Putin, China, Iran and Islam.  President Trump will be the new Ronald Reagan of our generation to stand against these very great evils.


Once these evils are denied respectability and firmly rejected that will be the beginning of the beginning of destroying these very great evils and liberation of Mankind.  No more inviting Imams to political, social or religious events.  No more Ramadan dinners at the White House. Surrender or fight for freedom that is the choice. 



But unlike the great generation of freedom fighters during the Second World War, who enjoyed total support of the grateful masses in America and across Europe, today's freedom fighters are not seen by many common man and particularly the political and intellectual elite as defenders of freedom and democracy, but view Western Civilization and the USA as evil, racist and Islamophobes, and threat to the security of the nation and the World.